FromNothing.Life (formerly From Nothing Comics) is a webcomic written and illustrated by Steve Crespo that seeks to monochromatically express the joy, the frustration, the amusement, and the wonder of a conservative, Bible-believing Christian who is very much out of sync with the culture he lives in.

“But Steve,” you’re asking, “why did you change the address from FromNothingComics.com?”

Well, as it turns out, that is a familiar tale as old as time…

– Boy gets domain name.

– Boy misses payment on domain name.

– Boy gets domain name bought out from under him by a company in China that deals in “sexy singles”.

– Boy gets new domain name.

It’s a classic story, really.

Either way, the goal is to spark a thought, generate a smile, and to (hopefully) start some interesting conversations. So please, let me know what you’re thinking.

I can’t promise to generate new strips with any kind of consistency, but I’ll post when I can. (Be sure to follow me on Instagram for updates.)

I hope you dig what I’m doing.

God bless. Be well.