The Cambodia Chronicles #11: The Building (3 of 4)

April 21, 2014 @ 1:00 am

“These are the ones you come to when you want to buy a child”, she told me.

The words didn’t sink in at first. I stood there in that filthy hallway in the White Building trying to decifer what my friend was trying to tell me. What did she mean “buy a child“? But then it hit me…

The two seemingly innocent old ladies in front of me- playing cards while sitting on a blanket- were the pimps who’d take anyone willing to pay to a room with a child inside.

I didn’t know what to do. I have NEVER been in the presence of such vileness… such demonic, black evil. Do I kick them in their old lady faces? Do I spit on them? What?

“Look”, my friend said pointing, standing directly in front of them, “they’re completely ignoring me, because they know who I am.”

My friend and her girls regularly walk those dark halls looking to share the love of Christ. Their faces are known to these monsters and they react to them by not reacting at all.

We walked away. I was totally locked up inside. Later I asked, “where do the children come from?”

“A lot of the time the parents will sell them because they are so poor”, she said. “Or, sometimes they’re stolen.”

Dear God…

All those who claim that the heart of man is basically good are either painfully ignorant or willfully blind. The depths of utter darkness capable in the human heart is truly beyond comprehension.