Nomophobia (4 of 4)

May 16, 2013 @ 1:10 am

I once saw a woman who was texting walk right into a wall. Yep. She was thumb-tapping with one hand and pulling a rolling suitcase along with the other when WHUMP!

But she didn’t hit it and snap back as you would expect. No, she kind of crumpled into it, like it was slow motion footage of her hitting the wall at a higher speed.

So, I laughed. I admit it. …Oh, not outwardly, you know, that would be wrong. No, I did what any Bible-believing Christian would do- I hid the laughter in my heart. (And I cherish it to this day.)

But what do you think she did once she peeled herself from the wall and was on her way once again?

Yep. She started texting.

Sad really, but after all, she is spreading joy throughout the city- one onlooker at a time.

So, you know… there’s that.