Must… Stay… Focused!

June 24, 2013 @ 5:50 am

Make no mistake, the reading of Scripture is a spiritual discipline. It’s the battlefront of the Christian walk.

Your flesh doesn’t want you to do it. The world doesn’t want you to do it. The Enemy sure doesn’t want you to do it. …Which are all the more reasons to do it!

But me, I’m the king of the distracted. I admit it! It could be anything. A movement, a sound, or that guy sitting in front of me on the train with his legs crossed and his pants hiked up over his socks so a bit of his overly hairy leg is peeking out. How am I supposed to read with that thing staring at me?!


No seriously, does that guy’s leg bother anyone else?!

Anyway, yeah… what were we talking about?