Against The World

In the fourth century, the heresy of Arianism grew quickly within the Roman Empire and its adherents came to control much of the established church. Among those who stood uncompromisingly against the heresy, even to the point of risking his very life, was the Bishop of Alexandria- a man named Athanasius.

As the story goes, during one of his periods of exile when it seemed that all the world was against him, a young man said to him- and I’m paraphrasing here- “Athanasius, can’t you see the whole world is against you?!

Athanasius is said to have uttered his defiant cry: “Athanasius contra mundum!

Athanasius is against the world!

His love for the Truth of Jesus Christ caused him to stand against an empire and it was through men like him that Truth was both preserved and passed down through the ages.

Athanasius against the world!

Man… how awesome is that?